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    IMG_5065 Product shots 005 Product shots 005 129-283618-1 Maple River Coffee Table IMG_5065 1/9 Redefining Wood. SHOP NOW COUNTERTOPS & VANITIES View More Recent Projects Isaac "On short notice John from Alberta Woodworks was able to come through in the clutch and produce a custom piece of work that was executed flawlessly. With little direction he was able to see what I wanted in my head come to life. He has serious talent and fantastic customer service. (I am a GM of a restaurant so I appreciate good customer service) Seriously if you are looking for someone to make your vision a reality this is the guy to get that done. Thank you so much again for the custom art work, keep killing it!" ​ Alberta Woodworks (owner) "Isaac, this was a fun project to work on. Thanks for the opportunity to get this unique project done for you." ABOUT US We’re Alberta Woodworks, the newest division of Jocyn Construction Ltd. Although Jocyn Construction has run successfully since 1993, we thought it was time for a new approach. Alberta Woodworks appreciates the beauty and function of wood. No two pieces of wood are the same, each is unique. It is our mission to redefine the beauty of wood by adding modern elements, using steel and epoxy in our furniture. We believe that everyone ought to have something uniquely beautiful in their homes. Just like the wood we use, each of our customers has varied tastes and design styles, and they deserve to have something distinct. We generate our own designs, but are excited to work with our clients to create custom works of art.

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    Unlike laminate, granite or quartz, epoxy allows for a broader range of designs and colors at a fraction of the price. Epoxy can be applied on new materials as well as over many existing countertops. Epoxy countertops can be seamless, food safe and easy to clean. Another great thing about epoxy is how resistant it is to moisture, making it the perfect countertop to install around sinks and other water sources. It is also very resistant to high heat, scratching and caustic chemicals. 100-#11-8 100-B8 100-#11-4 100-#11-8 1/7 Kitchen & Bath Countertops This upcycle project was a dark multicolor laminate countertop. By using taupes, light greys and whites we were able to get a beachy granite look to brighten up the whole kitchen as well as the bathrooms. With our process, we were able to install the countertops while keeping the existing black tile backsplash. C119-3 C119-2 C119-1 C119-3 1/3 Bathroom Vanity & Backsplash This bathroom vanity was designed around the existing cabinets and incorporated a new surface mount sink. 156-1 RVcountertop 156-2 RVcountertop 156-4 RVcountertop 156-1 RVcountertop 1/4 RV Countertop Upgrade your beat up RV countertops with durable epoxy to bring life back to your RV. Refinishing the shower stall with epoxy is also a great idea to modernize your RV. C114-1 C114-2 C114-3 C114-1 1/3 Kitchen Countertops ​ The lastest trend in kitchens is a full seamless panel backsplash. In this kitchen we were able to get the look of marble at a fraction of the cost. Vanity Countertop img 2 Vanity Countertop img 1 Vanity Countertop img 3 Vanity Countertop img 2 1/4 Bathroom Vanity This bathroom vanity was built from MDF plywood then coated with epoxy and color to create a marble look. A waterfall on both sides was used to create a compact and clean design. IMG_1113_edited 20200809_164433921_iOS11 IMG_1106_edited IMG_1113_edited 1/4 Dining Table This wood dining table was upcycled by coating the previously scratched surface with paint and epoxy to create a new marble look. A great way to modernize an older table. If you look close you can see light turquoise blue. 157-2 removable Countertop 157-1 removable Countertop 157-4 removable Countertop 157-2 removable Countertop 1/3 Kitchen Island We were able to preserve the integrity of this antique cabinet by adding a removable countertop. MR-3 MR-1 MR-B3 MR-3 1/3 Mudroom Bench This wooden bench storage in the mudroom had seen better days. By adding an epoxy top we were able to cover the scratched wood as well as get a damage resistant, easy to clean surface. We used a combination of browns, taupes and even some glitter to get the look of gem stone veining. UPCYCLED FURNITURE C110-1 C110-2 C110-1 1/2 Bedroom dresser and side tables We re-covered this scratched and outdated stone surface with vibrant new epoxy which enhances the modern look of the cabinet. Living Room Tables img 2 Living Room Tables img 1 Living Room Tables img 2 1/2 End Tables These living room tables were a "80's" light oak, we stained them an espresso stain. Then did a paint and epoxy marbled finish in browns, blacks and grays. R-Round Coffee Table Glass - 3 R-Round Coffee Table Glass - 2 R-Round Coffee Table Glass - 1 R-Round Coffee Table Glass - 3 1/3 Coffee Table This table is a beautiful combination of repainted metal and glass along with the marble epoxy finish we added R-Chesterfield Table - 1 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 R-Chesterfield Table - 1 1/4 Coffee Table This antique coffee table is a numbered table made by the Chesterfield Company. We clear coated the art deco legs and used paint and epoxy to finish the top with a marblized look. R-Dresser - 3 R-Dresser - 2 R-Dresser - 1 R-Dresser - 3 1/3 Dresser & Mirror This antique dresser was modernized by clear coating the drawer fronts and using epoxy and paint to add a dark marblized look to the top of the dresser. SAMPLES #14 #3 #13 #12 #11 #9 #10 #8 #6 #7 #5 #4 #15 #1 #2 These are just a few samples of projects we have completed. Designs and colors are unlimited. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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